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Humla, Nepal

Selling Handmade Crafts to Raise Funds for Medical Service Trip to Honor My Dad and Grandmother

Late on the night of May 28th, my dad, Leven, died. I was blessed to be at his side during his final week. My father was a special and gentle man with a glimmer in his eye and warmth in his heart. Even though dementia stole most of his capabilities, he still said “I love you” to my mom into his last days. 

The memory of my dad that lingers most is how he cared for others. He regularly rescued stranded boaters and helped them trouble-shoot engine problems and/or offered a tow to shore. He also nursed injured birds and more. My dad’s concern for others came from his mother, Dorothy. She was an impressive woman who delivered Meals on Wheels well into her eighties. Through her strong involvement with the church, she did service work throughout the world. In fact, the kimono in my office is from one of her service trips to Japan.

In the year of my father’s death, I am honoring both his and his mother’s legacy of altruism by volunteering in a medical service trip in remote northwest Nepal to treat villagers who have limited access to most forms of healthcare. I’ll be away from September 25th to October 8th. The organization with whom I’ll be working is called Humla Fund ( In just a few year's, they raised enough money to build a medical clinic to serve families in Nepal’s Humla district.

To help fund this trip, I’m selling my handmade crafts at the free concerts on Sunday evenings at Camp Meade in Middlesex, at Align to Health Functional Neurology (upstairs in the building next to the police station) in Montpelier, and a small display of ceramic pendants at Bliss Healing. Home-made items make great gifts for friends or special rewards for yourself! ALL of the moneys will go directly toward this meaningful journey. With great gratitude, I thank everyone who has purchased pottery, made generous donations, wished me well, and generally supported this cause. 

Pottery Sale at Align to Health in Montpelier (Above) and Suzanna's Father, Leven (Below)