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Book whole treatment visits or a refresher for cupping, k-taping, or ear acupuncture by calling or texting us at 802-272-0402. You may also use the link provided.

Initial visits include a longer intake and a short introductory treatment. Your response to this treatment informs the creation of your Personalized Care Plan. Visits thereafter involve a short check-in and longer treatment that fills the visit.

Plan for your 1st Visit

Is acupuncture covered by my insurance?

Suzanna is an approved provider with Blue Cross / Blue Shield and Cigna. If you have a policy with these insurers, you can explore with acupuncture is included by calling the number on the back of your card. We can also help you to determine your level of coverage.

When you call, we recommend asking the following...

  1. Am I covered for acupuncture? If so, do I need a referral? Also, is massage included? 
  2. How many visits are allowed? Does that number include other care, such as chiropractic?
  3. What is the dollar amount of my co-pay or the percentage for my co-insurance? 
  4. What is the amount of my deductible? How close am I to meeting it this year?

* If you were injured at work and have been approved for worker's comp. coverage, let us know so we can prepare the proper paperwork.


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