Chinese-style Acupuncture

Chinese-style acupuncture, also referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) involves a skillful blending of needling and other Asian medical techniques, such as cupping, moxibustion, and gwa sha to relieve specific symptoms in the body. Acupoint prescriptions are chosen to create changes in the body, such as expelling pathogenic factors (heat, cold, wind, etc.) moving stagnation, and building Qi and blood. This treatment style is especially good for relieving congestion and headache, reducing fever, aiding digestion, balancing hormonal issues, and alleviating pain. 

Tongue diagnosis and pulse 'reading' are used to glean important information and determine the most effective treatment. 

Suzanna has learned a range of Chinese acupuncture styles including those of Dr. Tan, Master Tung, and Miriam Lee, the woman who is mainly responsible for acupuncture being made legal in the U.S. She has completed further training with respected teachers including Susan Johnson and Lonny Jarrett.