Orthopedic Acupuncture,

Orthopedic Acupuncture and Care

While completing her MAc, Suzanna had the honor of training with and completing clinical rotations each with Stephen Cina, MAOM, LAc, ATC, ACSM, NESA Integrative Orthopedic Acupuncture department chair and team acupuncturist for the Boston Bruins, and Marcus Schulkind, LAc and choreographer, acupuncturist for the Boston Ballet. In the semester long clinic rotations, she deepened her skills with assessing and caring for neuro-musculo-skeletal malfunctions and sports injuries.

Our orthopedic treatments involve special needling and mobilizing stretches. They may include electro-acupuncture, infra-red therapy, low level laser, and/or kinesiotaping to provide added support.

Suzanna continues to expand her knowledge by training with Steve Cina and other accomplished orthopedic acupuncturists.

Steve Cina and the reuniting of an amazing orthopedic clinic crew.



With orthopedic treatments, an electro-acupuncture machine may be connected to needles to prolong the stimulation with a gentle vibration or pulsing. This method reduces inflammation and speeds up healing.


Comments from Steve Cina

“I have known Suzanna Bliss for over two years both as her instructor in my Integrative Orthopedic Acupuncture I & II courses and as her clinical supervisor for 2 terms. Working closely with her in clinic I was able to assess her skill and bedside manner up close and all I can say is I was impressed. Suzanna’s acupuncture technique was only rivaled by her deep understanding of Chinese Medicine. She is able to identify in patients the fundamental issue which their pathology centers around and devise a treatment approach addressing it. Because her thirst for knowledge is so strong, she has incorporated many acupuncture approaches into her particular style. This allows her to come at a condition from many angles and apply techniques specific to the pathology.

Suzanna also takes great care in providing a comfortable and safe environment for patients by paying attention to the details that make a treatment from her a soothing experience.

 Above all else, Suzanna is a warm, empathetic person who puts patients first and works diligently to help those in need. I trust Suzanna as a teacher and as a patient; you should too.”