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Suzanna Bliss, MEd, MAc, Nationally Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist, is a capable health professional with a background in nutrition, Western herbal medicine, and human health combined with specialized training in Asian medical techniques. She strives to make each treatment a nurturing, relaxing, and revitalizing experience. 

Suzanna is an in-network provider with BCBS and Cigna. She also works with worker's comp. cases.

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What Our Patients Think

"It is absolutely without hesitation that I recommend Suzanna Bliss as an acupuncturist...but she is far more than an outstanding and gifted acupuncturist. In my experience and opinion she is a healer on numerous levels and sincerely deeply cares about her patients. I've been so fortunate to know her and am truly grateful for her compassion, knowledge and experience, for without them I would not have made such progress on my healing journey."
- L.R.
"I've seen many acupuncturists over the years, and Suzanna has been very helpful with a number of different health issues. She is a patient and sensitive listener and takes a creative approach to each issue I bring to her. The shifts I've felt both physically and emotionally after her treatments have been subtle but profound."
- G.N.
"Suzanna is wonderful. Her treatments are wonderful. I feel much better."
- H.S., 105 yrs. old.
"My treatments with Suzanna have been outstanding. From the very beginning she put me at ease and I felt a deep sense of trust and comfort. Suzanna has a winning combination of knowledge and intuition. Her treatments have left me feeling restored, refreshed and with a sense of inner peace. I highly recommend Suzanna Bliss as a practitioner."
- J.S.
"As a Running Instructor, I ask a lot of my body. I met with Suzanna to do proactive work to avoid plantar fasciitis as I increased my mileage for the season. Her work was impeccable. I had never experienced acupuncture and was nervous. Her careful movements, thorough explanations, and relaxing atmosphere made the sessions very healing. Her ability to treat the whole body in a holistic manner was impressive. What started as a running specific remedy ended as a full body recovery. I appreciate her approach and her ability to keep my body running well (literally). I have achieved a greater level of health working with Suzanna, and understand my body on a deeper level."
- S.R.
"Suzanna's work is amazing. I was afraid of needles before arriving and had never considered acupuncture for me. The treatment has been amazing. Before seeing Suzanna I was taking 600-800 milligrams of Ibuprofen a day for the aches and pains I was experiencing. After one visit, which was three weeks ago, I have not taken one Ibuprofen! I feel amazing. The pain is gone. I can't believe I waited so long. I've been dealing with that for years. Highly recommend Suzanna."
- L.H.
"Suzanna is a miracle worker. I had never tried accuouncture and she made the process educational and painless. Before arriving I was a little afraid of needles being poked in me, but they do not hurt at all. Quite the opposite. They instantly remove pain and tension and her combo of needle work and massage is amazing."
- M.L.
"Suzanna has treated me for the past six months after I contracted Guillian-Barre Syndrome from a flu shot. She has given me pain relief and, along with my PT, she has returned the use of my leg and foot muscles. Her techniques are gentle and effective. I enjoy learning more about healing, herbs and nutrition from her broad and specific knowledge. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Suzanna."
- D.B.
"I am a mother, teacher, and wife. My life has the potential to be stressful and busy. Bliss Healing is a sanctuary for me to practice self-care and be in the hands of a professional. Suzanna is incredibly passionate and it is evident that she cares fully for her patients. Every time I leave Bliss Healing, I feel like I just spent time at a spa. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and healthy in my body and mind. I appreciate Suzanna's compassion, knowledge and expertise. Whether she gives you a warm stone to hold while you rest, or uses aromatherapy to assist her practice, Suzanna consistently and effortlessly goes above and beyond!"
- R.P.
"Suzanna is such a pleasant and knowledgable practitioner. I have appreciated her help with IBS and joint pain that has been, at the very least, annoying and then quite painful and immobilizing at other times. Since working with Suzanna Bliss, I have not had major flare ups of any of the above...a testament of her good work"
- A.H.
"Suzanna is a talented acupuncturist. She has treated me for neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, and sleep issues. She also helped me recover from a bicycle/car accident. She is compassionate and gentle. Her office has a relaxing and healing feel to it. I often fall asleep during treatments and always feel better.  With her impressive mix of skills, she is able to determine deeper causes of health problems and deliver safe and effective treatments. She stays current on the latest research, both from an Asian and Western medicine perspective, so her practice is balanced and up to date.  I've recommended her to number of people and will continue to do so. "
- S.S.

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