Natural Healing, Other Offerings

Natural Healing

Suzanna has a strong background in a broad range of natural healing modalities, such as Western bioregional herbalism, nutrition, flower essences, massage & tuina (Oriental massage), touch for health, and aromatherapy. She has continually taught, lectured, and written about herbalism, nutrition, human anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, health psychology, and wellness for North American colleges and organizations since 1989.

 Suzanna's inspiring natural health teachers include: Rosemary Gladstar; Dr. Tieraona LowDog, MD; Dr. Sandy Wurthmann; Dr. Jeffrey Moss; Dr. James Sensenig; Dr. David Terfera; Dr. Eugene Zampieron; Dr. Paul Saunders; Dr. Anthony Godfrey; and Dr. Brandon Brock.


Rooted Wisdom

In the 1990s Suzanna founded the Rooted Wisdom Center for Wholistic Living which included a wellness shop and clinic and a natural healing school. She authored the textbooks for all of Rooted Wisdom's courses including beginning and intermediate herbalism, advanced herbalism, nutrition, and Human Health. She ran Rooted Wisdom shop, school, and clinic until 2010 when she began preparation for graduate degree in acupuncture. She still formulates and prepares Rooted Wisdom Medicinals herbal tinctures and therapeutic oils.