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Clinic Update 03/23/20 - Suspending in-person visits until further notice

Suspending in-person visits until further notice to help with the "flatten the CoVid curve" effort 

My dearest patients, 

For over three decades, it has brought me heartfelt joy to support this community by offering health-related services and teachings. It is my calling and I love doing it. 

For that reason, it is with sadness that I inform you that, after office hours on March 23rd,  I will be suspending in-office visits at Bliss Healing until further notice (likely at least a month). 

As is usually the case, every challenge presents opportunities. For me, I’ll be redirecting my focus toward other support services for patients, such as: being available for tele-consults (free if less than10 minutes or for a fee if they are more extensive) for guidance about self-administered acupressure and massage, stretches, diet/supplement/herb recommendations; and ramping up my herbal business, Rooted Wisdom Medicinals. I’ll also be nourishing my vital energy and expect to have even more ‘juice’, compassion, and focus to offer when I perform in-person treatments again.

I invite those of you that are sequestering to similarly explore ways of recharging by taking time in nature and exploring creative pursuits, etc. There are also many opportunities for us to strengthen this amazing community in which we live!

Once the germs settle, I look forward to sharing all that sprouts forth during this time. 

Take good care of yourselves. I’ll look forward to that joyful moment when I next see you.